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Thomas Merton Academy
Student Activities






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Student Activities


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Religious Activities

       Our school is committed to maintaining a strong Catholic
  identity.  Our students attend mass weekly, participate in
  prayer services, recite the rosary together, and pray the
  Stations of the Cross during Lent.  In addition, students in
  the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades participate in retreats.
       Community service is emphasized.  Students participate
  in various service projects, such as collecting food and
  clothing for the St. Vincent dePaul Society, raising money
  for the Red Cross and St. Jude's Children's Research
  Hospital, and gathering needed items for the Little Sisters of
  the Poor.

Student Activities

       The curriculum at Thomas Merton Academy is greatly
  enhanced by student involvement in the following programs

  • Daily, school-wide, student-produced television show

  • Project Business

  • The Stock Market Game

  • Young Authors

  • Academic Fair

  • Drug/alcohol abuse prevention education, Lifeskills

  • Continental Math League

  • Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Program

  • Ecology Meet

  • 4 H Speech Contest

  • Career Week

  • Quick Recall Team

  • Buddy Program pairs K/7 and 1st/8th students

  • Accelerated Reader Program

  • Reading Buddies

    Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • T-ball, football, softball, volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading

  • Scouts programs


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