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Thomas Merton Academy
Mission Statement





Mission Statement




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The primary purpose of the clustered school of
 Thomas Merton Academy is to respond to
the educational and spiritual needs of our 
children by sharing the faith values of the 
Catholic Church in a quality academic context.



 We believe that our school. . .
is open to all children regardless of race, sex, or creed
-exists to meet the academic, spiritual, emotional, social
                and physical needs of the students
      -should reflect a family-life atmosphere
      -must reach out to the wider community
      -is composed of many persons, all of whom bring gifts and
                strengths to the learning process
      -exists to teach and spread the message of Jesus Christ through 
                message, community, service, and worship

We believe that the students. . .
      -learn in different ways and at different speeds
      -deserve a safe environment in which to learn and grow
      -can be effective in helping to direct their own learning
      -have different styles of learning and need to apply what
                they have learned
      -learn most effectively in an environment that 
                encourages risk-taking
      -are all born with a desire to learn and have unique talents
      -can achieve at high levels given appropriate conditions

We believe that instruction. . .
-is based on Christian values
      -is intended to meet the immediate and long term needs
             of the students
      -is designed at the local level and reaches to clearly stated
      -utilizes community resources
      -is in constant change and continually incorporates the
             best strategies known about human learning
      -is most effectively implemented when there is a strong
             parent/school connection

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